This Kit is created from the simplest form of nature. Hidden Power’s products are eco-friendly and innovative (pioneering).
- light weight and compact with excellent performance
- Applicable to most of bicycles regardless of type or size
- Simple installation without parts replacement or remodeling
- No additional pedal loads
- Working on the wet road
- Slow start function to prevent sudden start
- No brake switch, a detection system that offers fully
  automatic braking for emergency
- 2010 EUROBIKE "Gold" Award Winnner

The weight of the kit including the battery is only 2.6kg. Let the kit transform your bike into an electric bike in a few and simple steps.

When the roller’s speed is higher than the speed of the tire (Power ON), the roller delivers power to the tire climbing to the top. When the kit is turned off, the tire simply pushes the roller.

The new technology has reduced the weight & size of the electric conversion kit allowing cyclists to peddle freely.
The Hidden power product is an innovative invention that can be easily installed on most bikes improving the functionality and comfort of a bicycle.

Enjoy your ride, do not need to pedaling when you are exhausted.
ATTENTION. If you are going too fast, you might be isolated from other group members.

The exact distance is determined by your usage of the kit

You can suddenly encounter an obstacle on the road while riding. In this situation, the rider can avoid injuries by immediately applying the brakes instead of adjusting the electronic controller.

The roller can rotate itself when pedaling, there is no extra power needed from you when power offed. Simply drive your bike as usual day
if you like.